Evanston IL Memorial Day 2015

Evanston IL is very patriotic toward Memorial Day 2015.  There was so much going on with fantastic weather in the afternoon after rain early in the day. This post is to recognise all the Americans who have given so much to help you and I be free. A reminder message and a moment of silence for the fallen soldier or family who has suffered some way. I want this to be short and sweet and to say:

Happy Memorial Day to Evanston and the rest of America. Peace and Love to you and special thoughts to all involved.

Memorial Day Evanston IL 2015

Evanston IL Mother’s Day House Walk May 10 2015

Evanston IL Mother’s Day House Walk May 10 2015

The Evanston 40th Annual Mother’s Day house walk was today and was a wonderful time that many people enjoyed. It is a tradition that I take my Mom on this walk and then have a nice dinner together. Everything was perfect except usually Dad joins us for the dinner but he left us in October of 2014. It was tough but I got through the first Mother’s Day without Dad, sounds unusual but these are my feelings. RIP Dad. Enough of that, I am here to tell you about how much fun we had.

Every year a new set of homes is presented and you are allowed to walk throughout the house freely and get a nice book telling the history of the home and it’s architecture. There are many people who do this with their families on Mothers Day and my Mom just loves the event, we have participated in this annual event for many years.

It all started out at the Evanston History Center which is located in the Dawes Mansion and a historic landmark property that us Evanstonian’s are proud of. After picking up our passes we went on to tour Northwest Evanston, the first time in history that he house walk was in that beautiful part of town. Many of what we viewed was on one of my favorite streets, Park Place. A street that is very wide with the largest parkways I have ever seen in a neighborhood street. It is a quiet area perfect for raising a family with tree lined streets and unusual homes that I will share with you in pictures.

Dawes Mansion Evanston IL

Dawes-Mansion2329 Hartzell Evanston IL 60201


 2608 Park Place Evanston IL 60201

 2608-Park-Place 2401 Park Place Evanston IL 602012401-Park-Place 2400 Park Place Evanston IL

2400-Park-PlaceHere is a look at Park Place of Evanston in the Central St area


I thoroughly enjoy this house walk and look forward to next year’s event. My name is Noah Seidenberg and I am an Evanston resident and Realtor at Coldwell Banker Evanston. I am an Ambassador for the city of Evanston, here to help people learn about our great community and also can assist you in purchasing or selling property in Evanston IL. If you have any questions about the city of Evanston, please call me at (800) 858-7917 and anything you can think of can be answered. Come join us in the wonderful city sitting on Lake Michigan and the home of Northwestern University, Evanston I

We Love Evanston IL

We Love Evanston Day was March 7 2015 it is never too late to show you how great Evanston IL is and how people feel about this community. I have lived in Evanston since 1979 and have seen the city grow and thrive into  a truly wonderful place to live. If you to talk to residents of this community you will see how much the residents enjoy being a member of this community.

Evanston is the first city North of Chicago, sitting on the border at Howard street. We have 6 beaches including a boat launch and dog beach. If you want to read more about it, click Evanston Beaches.

Please take a minute to view this video called We Love Evanston to see what the people think about our wonderful town. I would never want to live anywhere else.

Earth Day 2015 in Evanston IL

Earth Day 2015 in Evanston IL

Today April 22 is Earth Day 2015. All across the country people are thinking Green and doing things to help our planet. It is so important to remember that we only have one world and we must care for it. People need to think of alternative methods of energy and work on cleaning up the mess that has been made. If you are interested in Earth Day across the country check out Earthday.orgeco-earth

In Evanston IL Earth Day or Arbor Day as it is also called is really being celebrated on Saturday April 25th. There are many special events going on in Evanston IL and the people are very into helping clean up the beaches and parks and our whole community.

I quote the City of Evanston:

Community members are invited to participate in the City’s “Clean up, Evanston!” event in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day on Saturday, April 25, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

This year there will also be mulching and tree plantings in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day at both the Ladd Arboretum and Lovelace Park. The mulching and tree plantings will take place during the 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. clean up day at each designated location.

Community groups and individuals of all ages can sign up to volunteer at any one of ten designated clean-up sites across the city by visiting volunteerevanston.org or calling/texting 847-448-4311. There is at least one clean-up location in each of Evanston’s nine wards.

Volunteers are encouraged to register to meet at any of these locations at 9 a.m. on April 25:

  • Robert Crown Park, Robert Crown Center, 1701 Main St.
  • Lakefront, Elliott Park, Dempster St. Beach House, 1251 Lake Shore Blvd.
  • Ladd Arboretum, Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd.
  • Kamen East Park, Kamen Field House, South Blvd. and Barton Ave.
  • Lakefront, Burnham Shores, Dempster St. Beach House, 1251 Lake Shore Blvd.
  • James Park, Dodge Ave. at Mulford St. (Fieldhouse)
  • Mason Park, Church St. and Florence Ave.
  • Lakefront, Centennial Park, Clark St. Beach House, 1811 Sheridan Rd.
  • Lovelace Park (Fieldhouse), Gross Point. Rd. at Thayer St.
  • Lakefront, Dawes Park, Greenwood St. Beach Restroom, 1401 Sheridan Rd.

Volunteers should look for a large “Clean up, Evanston!” sign as well as a City Public Works vehicle to pick up their green refuse bags and gloves at each of the clean-up sites.

For more information please call/text 847-448-4311, or visit cityofevanston.org/earthday

Help Out Our Friends In The Western Chicago Suburbs

Today the blog is not about Evanston. Evanston or any North Shore community right on Lake Michigan rarely has trouble with tornadoes but last night the western suburbs really got hit hard. There was a horrible tornado that caused very bad destruction in Rochelle, Ashton and Fairdale. The tornado that went right through Fairdale was at 180 to 200 MPH and 2 people lost their lives. It is very sad to see the damage on the news.

I got a news flash from the city of Evanston that said:

The following items are needed immediately and can dropped off at HomeTown Association of REALTORS East at 1430 DeKalb Avenue in Sycamore, IL 60178 or directly at the Red Cross location on Flagg Road in Rochelle at the Rochelle Township High School. Hand sanitizer Water Blankets Ready to eat food Baby wipes, hand wipes Meds and first aid items Diapers Animals food and cages Cloths Plastic bins Gift Cards to Walmart There is an immediate need for rentals in the area for those that lost their homes. If you have ANY vacant properties that would consider renting immediately please contact Bobbie Bryant at Rochelle Realty and Property Management at 815-562-7368. IAR Government Affairs Director, Kristen Jungles, will have a drop off location at her home in Naperville. She can be reached at kjungles@sbcglobal.com.

If you can help in any way people will really appreciate it.

Watch: Aerial footage, aftermath of tornado

Happy Easter and Passover to Evanston and the World

Just a quick blog here today to say Peace and Love to the world and that I hope everyone is enjoying a special holiday season with their families. In addition to these two great religious holidays it is Spring Break for schools and that gives even more people a chance to be with their families.

Today in Evanston IL it is the most wonderful clear and warm day. It is presently 60 degrees right at the Lake Michigan Lake front where I am located. A perfect day for a walk and that is on my addenda after this piece is done.

I want to walk the Evanston Lake Front beaches starting at South Blvd Beach and making my way north up through the Northwestern campus. There is no wind and you could not ask for a better day.

I leave you with a photo I took of the Evanston Downtown and you can see the Lake too. Please enjoy this with me.

Looking up Chicago Ave and notice the moon

Downtown Evaston 1

Northwestern University To Donate $5 Million

Northwestern University announced March 20th that for the next 5 years they will donate $5,000,000 to the evanston-city-logocity Of Evanston IL for projects that will be chosen by Evanston IL Mayor Tisdahl and NU President Morton Schapiro. This was made public during the Mayor’s speech at the Hilton Orrington, 1710 Orrington Ave. The funds will start each year on September 1st for the next five years.

What a great partnership, Northwestern University and the wonderful city of Evanston IL. The cooperation between NU and Evanston is fantastic. I have been a Evanston Resident since 1979 when I turned 21 and have watched the town and school grow dramatically during that time.

I quote Mayor Tisdahl from her speech:

“Northwestern University, our businesses, residents of Evanston, our schools and not-for-profits are … partners in making this city great,” Tisdahl said after revealing the news. “So I say to you in confidence that we can and we will solve our challenges.”

The Daily Northwestern said:

“The mayor went on to congratulate Evanston’s business growth in recent years. Last year, 43 new businesses opened, adding 212 new full-time jobs, while 19 closed. Unemployment also went down to 4.2 percent in December 2014, which is lower than the national and Chicago average.”

As a resident of Evanston IL and Realtor at Coldwell Banker Evanston it is easy to see how the growth has changed Evanston for the better. There are so many wonderful and unique stores, interesting restaurants and so much entertainment that the people wanting to make a move to town has changed so much over the last decade. The town is thriving and you can always find something fun to enjoy. Since Northwestern University has expanded and Evanston IL has allowed high-rise Condo developments many people have decided to make the move to the tree-lined city sitting on Lake Michigan. With all the new properties many businesses have popped up and are welcomed by everyone.

If you are considering a move to Evanston IL or have any questions please let me be your ambassador to the town I love and call home. It is easy to help people if you are happy where you live and work. I can be reached day or night at: (800) 858-7917 or by Email at noah.seidenberg@cbexchange.com

 Winter 2015 Evanston IL looking North EastDowntown Evanston Looking North East 1


Evanston IL Art And Culture

One of the things that attracts people to Evanston IL is the great selection of Art and Culture available to the community. Evanston IL Star Community RatingArtists are always welcome and the number of art shows and festivals are really great. People come from afar to browse and shop during these festivals and shows. It certainly gets my attention and participation. The city of Evanston says:

“Evanston boasts one of the largest and most diverse arts communities in the state. Not only are the arts celebrated often, there are abundant opportunities to get involved in the arts here in Evanston.”

Here is a nice link to the City of Evanston’s event calendar. I hope you get to enjoy life in Evanston as much as I have. There  is so much to offer in our town on Lake Michigan and you will never be without many choices.

Think of visiting the City of Evanston IL

Evanston IL Now Has Text to 911 Service

As of February 4th 2105 if you are in Evanston IL and send a text message to “911” it will go to Evanston’s 911 center. So far the cellular services set up are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. This is a wonderful and text-to-911_call_if_you_can_logolifesaving feature in technology and police or medical help to the citizens of Evanston. We are very happy about this. If you are unable to talk you sure can text. The city of Evanston says:

“On February 4, 2015 the Evanston 9-1-1 Communications Center began accepting text 911 messages. This means that AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon customers living in or traveling through Evanston may be able to use their mobile phones to send a text message to 9-1-1 for emergency help.

Evanston is the fourth 9-1-1 communications center in Illinois, first on the North Shore, to accept text 9-1-1 messages which are extremely beneficial for those in the community with speech or hearing impairments.

Texting 9-1-1 is an option – only when unable to call. A voice call is the preferred, most efficient way to access emergency services.

Contained in the first text message should be the precise location as well as nature of the emergency. Dissimilar to voice calls; emergency call takers will not be able to determine location or expeditiously ascertain location information from the customer. Abbreviations and slang should not be used.”

Even more reason to Love Evanston Illinois

 Looking north east toward NU Campus

Evanston IL Lake Michigan Lake Front Beach 3-17-2015

The lake front and beaches of Lake Michigan are beautiful and so much fun to enjoy. Evanston has 6 public beaches, you can read about them at Evanston Beaches if interested. My favorite is the South Blvd beach. One thing about the beatify is that people have to know that at times the waters are very dangerous.

This morning at about 9:00 AM I noticed that it was very wavy and windy so a visit with camera in hand was in order. We had a drop in temperature of about 15 to 20 degrees in the last day and today the water was really rocking and there was 1 to 2 foot waves. I took a few photos and the sun shining down on the water really was nice.

Enjoy the beach but watch out for dangerous conditions. Also happy St Patrick’s day to everyone.

Evanston Lake Front March 17 2015