5 Outdoor Improvements that Increase Your Home’s Market Value

5 Outdoor Improvements that Increase Your Home’s Market Value

5 Outdoor Improvements that Increase Your Home's Market Value

Staging outdoor spaces is a highly-effective tactic for boosting the curb appeal and value of the property. Namely, various smart improvements allow you to arrest the attention of homebuyers and let them reap the benefits of the outdoor lifestyle. There are many ways to make it happen: with inexpensive touches, high-value items, and everything in between. But, not all projects are created equal. Some make more financial sense than others, which is to say you want to steer clear of unnecessary upgrades. Take into account the following ideas: measure twice and cut once.


Your main priority revolves around boosting the total livable space of the property. And as you probably know, the most common projects for revamping outdoor living areas involve a deck or a patio. The key decisions here are related to materials, size, and style of the patio. Once that is sorted out, you need to put together a comfy seating area with quality outdoor furniture. Lounge pieces are always a safe bet. Furthermore, add colorful pillows and patterned outdoor rugs for extra coziness and make good use of outdoor lighting to foster an enthralling ambiance.

Outdoor kitchen

To go an extra mile and complement the patio/deck area, invest in an outdoor kitchen. It can be an extension or a stand-alone space: the choice depends on the garden layout, aesthetic preferences, and convenience. You also need to figure out what kind of appliances you want to add. Most homeowners choose either a gas grill or a wood-burning fireplace, so you might want to ponder those. Note that it is also possible to opt for a prefabricated modular outdoor kitchen. It comes in the form of easy-to-assemble pieces that match your desired configuration.

A spa pool

Bear in mind you are not just offering a functional square footage—you are also selling a lifestyle. Speaking of which, take your time to set the stage of outdoor dining, relaxation, socializing, and partying. A standout feature such as a soothing outdoor spa pool is a true luxury hallmark that can be enjoyed all year long. It is less expensive than most other, conventional types of pools, yet properties with them tend to attract more buyers. Just make sure it makes sense for your target audience and factor in the maintenance costs, privacy, and safety aspects.

Strategic landscaping

Next, you need to give your garden a makeover with the help of good old landscaping. Nothing turns prospects away like a patchy and discolored lawn. So, mow and fertilize it, while filling the holes with sod or artificial grass. Likewise, focus on other bare areas with exposed soil. Make things more interesting with colorful flowers and add new soil and bark where needed. Use natural elements like wood, stone, and container or potted plants throughout the yard. See if you can improve the sense of privacy with bushes and trees.

Front yard makeover

First impressions go a long way. To wow the onlookers right away, give your front yard a facelift. Get rid of any clutter and debris lying around. Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable things you can do to enhance the appeal and value of the property. Thus, grab a brush and breathe new life into your trellis, garage door, mailbox, and front door. While at it, you can also update your doorknob and doormat—these small tweaks add up and make a real difference. And coupled with landscaping and other projects, they could be the key to fulfilling your goals.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to spruce up your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Your primary objective is to make it a true extension of the indoor space and leave an impression on people even before they step inside. So, revive tired and empty spots—convert them into something that peaks imagination. Assemble an outdoor living space with all the comforts, amenities, and decorative accessories one finds inside. Splurge a bit on one focal point and deliver finishing touches. It is time to put the best face of the property forward.

5 Outdoor Improvements that Increase Your Home’s Market Value

About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, lifestyle, real estate and eco blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL Sold

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL Sold

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL Sold

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL Sold

Friday morning my buyer client closed on a wonderful house located at 7038 Le Claire Skokie Il 60077. This was a 3 bedroom and 2 bath Ranch house. My client was very happy at the closing and it showed.

This was a full gut rehabbed house. Everything was brand new in the house. The builder had gutted it down to the studs. They did a fine job and that is why she decided to purchase this particular house.

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL is a solid brick house that was originally built in 1956. I talked to the builder and he told me that when he got the house it was in very poor shape.

The listing agent described the property like this: Gorgeous Stone fireplace is the focal point of the open concept main floor. Separate dining room and dramatic large living room provide setting for elegant entertaining.

7038 Le Claire is on a very quiet street on the edge of where Skokie and Lincolnwood meet. Located very close to the interstate 94 expressway also known as the Edens. This makes it easy to get to downtown Chicago and all points North.

This house has two wood burning fireplaces. One in the living room and one in the basement. The basement is finished and has a wet bar. This is perfect for entertaining or having family over to visit.

7038 Le Claire Skokie IL Sold

The appliances were top of the line brand new. The kitchen was huge, and my buyer is going to install an island for food preparation. There is plenty of room for this addition. Interested in having us help you buy or sell real estate? Please give us a call day or night. We have a broker on call to answer your questions. Call (800) 858-7917 or click on Coldwell Banker Skokie. We love first time buyers and will answer any of your questions.

Making Sustainable Renovations In Your House

Making Sustainable Renovations In Your House

Making Sustainable Renovations In Your House

Making Sustainable Renovations In Your House

Guest blogger Anita Franco

Renovating and remodelling are far greener choices than rebuilding a home from scratch. Renovation work provides the opportunity for home owners to reuse and repurpose materials already found in the property, creating a positive impact on energy consumption and overall sustainability.

Choosing to remodel your home with the aim of embracing a sustainable lifestyle will help you sidestep the environmentally damaging elements common to renovation projects. It will also serve to change your quality of life in many unexpected and beneficial ways.

Even if you aren’t undergoing major renovations, making small changes can have a big impact. For example, switching from a gas powered to electric lawn mower can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, and will also save you money in the long-run.

Additionally, local, state, and federal agencies offer a number of different incentives for making sustainable lifestyle choices. Some fittings used in sustainable remodelling work such as windows, insulation, and doors, or even donating the materials you are not going to reuse, can garner tax benefits.

Where To Begin

Before you begin remodelling, think about what can be reused or repurposed. Planning ahead before deconstruction work begins will help you to make the most of all the materials you have on hand. It will also allow you to reduce waste as well as help you to preserve items for reuse, donation, or repurposing for another area of your home.

The three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – are core elements of a sustainable lifestyle. Repurposing items and giving careful thought to how each part of the soon-to-be-renovated area will be dealt with can prevent unnecessary purchases and ensure everything is managed in the greenest way possible. This will save you money and reduce the impacts of emissions, transportation, and manufacturing on the environment.

One Step At A Time

Choosing to remodel your entire home for a more sustainable lifestyle can seem like a daunting, if not impossible, task. Rather than tackling everything at once, approach the work in stages. Take one step at a time toward a greener way of living.

If you want to cut your energy consumption, begin with replacing high-consumption items with more efficient options. This could include energy efficient appliances, on-demand water heating or heat pumps, and solar equipment.

When it comes to changing the layout of your home or creating dual-use rooms to increase sustainability and move toward greener living, try working on a room-by-room basis. This is often more manageable than tackling your bathrooms, kitchen, and living spaces at once. It will also allow you to continue living in your home as the changes are being made.

Choosing Green Materials

Deciding which materials to purchase for sustainable remodelling can be difficult. Knowing what to look for and why can be challenging, not least of all because there are no EPA regulations for terms such as ‘organic,’ ‘sustainable,’ or ‘natural.’ On top of this, not all environmentally friendly building materials are created equal.

Certifications like Energy Star and Greenguard can give home renovators an idea of the level of sustainability. But other considerations, such as the climate you are in, toxic emissions, and which way the property faces, should all be factored in so a truly green choice can be made for your circumstances.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) should be avoided wherever possible in sustainable renovation works. VOCs can be found in all manner of items, from paints to pesticides, wood preservatives and adhesives. They can have long term health risks such as eye, nose, and throat irritations, or damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous systems. In most cases, natural products and green materials are far more durable and effective than non-sustainable, man made compounds could ever be.

Making Sustainable Renovations In Your House

Renovating a home for increased sustainability does not need to be an expensive proposition. Thoughtful deconstruction of areas that will be remodelled can produce savings in terms of reduced need for material purchases, tax rebates, and other financial incentives.

Choosing to purchase necessary items locally, or from second-hand dealers, can cut costs further. With a little thought and planning, a sustainable renovation can be rewarding in both savings and providing a healthier and greener lifestyle.

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