Evanston IL Downtown Rated In Top Ten!

Ask anyone who is an Evanston IL Resident and they will tell you how much they love the town and the downtown area. There is something for everyone, so much Evanston ILgreat dining choices, excellent public transportation Via the Metra and “EL” trains and wonderful entertainment. I have lived in Evanston IL since 1979 and it only gets better. It is no surprise that Evanston IL and it’s Downtown is so highly rated. As a Realtor working for Coldwell Banker Evanston we are seeing more and more people interested in loving here and feel very enthusiastic about our town.

I want to quote an article on this from the City of Evanston web site.

Downtown Evanston has been ranked the 10th best downtown in the country according to Livability.com. Dozens of criteria were mulled over in the process of selecting downtown Evanston as 10th best downtown in the country, including growth rates, home values, educational attainment, and area amenities.

Areas with new construction ranked highly because cranes are often a great sign of economic and cultural recovery. The Top 10 list showcases a range of downtowns in terms of size, style and nature. Evanston’s newly condoized city center was identified as being one of America’s top revitalized downtown landscapes.

Evanston’s downtown distinguishes itself from other typical Chicago suburbs with its high concentration of cultural attractions such as theaters, music venues and bars. Galleries, concert halls and museums in downtown Evanston provide a rich cultural scene. Nearly 100 cafés and restaurants provide diners with everything from grab-and-go lunches to elegant five-course meals in historic buildings and al fresco sidewalk cafés. Nearby beaches on Lake Michigan, paved trails, and a collection of parks give residents plenty of opportunities to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

Downtown Evanston’s mix of contemporary condo buildings (nearly 1,200 new condominium units since 2000) and post-modern office buildings provide an appealing aesthetic and help build the skyline, while a combination of transportation options make it easy for the more than 10,000 people employed in downtown Evanston to get to and from work.

A high percentage of those in the so called “creative class” are attracted to Downtown Evanston, including artists, engineers, technology experts and researchers. Other positive features include the close proximity of Northwestern University and the view of Lake Michigan, the highly walkable and bikeable environment, the busy nightlife, and thriving businesses.

Evanston IL Downtown Rated In Top Ten!

Livability.com found that a large number of well-educated and highly talented young people are moving into downtown areas, raising the labor force and attracting the attention of businesses. The best downtowns are capitalizing on this shift, offering young professionals modern living accommodations and a full slate of amenities, including bike paths, nearby grocery stores, and an assortment of entertainment options.

The mix of urban sophistication and suburban relaxation, along with social and economic diversity found in downtown Evanston make it a Top 10 Best Downtown.