Tomorrow is the start of the Custer Street Fair 2017. This is the best outdoor event that the town puts on and we are very excited about attending.  People come from afar to eat, drink and listen to fantastic music for two days.

Kraig Kenning

Kraig Kenning

The Custer Street Fair will be running Saturday and Sunday, June 17 and June 18th. This event has taken place since 1972. Each year since then artists, craftspeople, antique dealers, restaurateurs, entertainers and the business community get together with 70,000 attendees for this award-winning Northshore tradition.

The streets around Main and Chicago Avenue will be closed off. The will be dancing in the streets. This thing is so much fun and I always come away satisfied with the music, great food, and crafts. There is not one year that I do not bump into multiple friends from around the town of Evanston who are out there to enjoy.

Some excellent entertainment that will be playing sets both days are guitar wiz Kraig Kening, Evanston own the Paul Maslin Group and the Evanston School of Rock. You can hear music that ranges from Funk, Rock and Roll and Jazz as well as a ton of R & B.

In my opinion the food offered at the street fair is not your typical venue eats. You get homemade Ethnic dishes from all corners of the earth. There are defiantly a few pounds coming on this weekend and the people do not care. This is well worth it and a once a year event.

Custer Street Fair Evanston IL 2017

Another key point is that the hours of the Custer street fair are 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You are treated to over 30 food vendors offering a full international menu featuring the old favorites as well as new fare. All reasonably priced. Offered are two stages of music running throughout the event.

This is really a blast and I hope to run into you. You will find me dancing to great tunes with a plate of something in my hand.

Custer Street Fair