The Evanston IL Starlight Concerts 2017 begin June 6th. This is a great annual event and truly worth checking out. The program includes eight free concerts in parks. The shows start at 7 PM and run through 8:30 on Tuesdays.Evanston Starlight concerts

The Evanston starlight concert series is a great way to spend part of an evening listing to a free concert with your family and friends. Over the years we have attended many of these events and they are truly fun.

You will get to enjoy touring acts that normally charge money to perform yet the city of Evanston IL has picked up the bill and presents this to you for free. Also included will be food trucks so you can enjoy your diner while grooving to a wide range of great music.

The concerts are located at different parks in Evanston and are really fun at attend. You will probably cross paths with friends or meet great local residents and come away with an enjoying evening.

I hope to see you at the Evanston IL Starlight Concerts 2017. This is a great part of the summer events and I encourage you to check it out. Bring your camera and dancing shoes please.

Starlight Concert Schedule

City of Evanston : News List : 2017 Starlight Concert Series Begins