Today we are going to discuss how Evanston IL grows rapidly. The number of developer requests going through the city council is amazing. The city of Evanston aims to expand and become even larger and more populated in the coming years.

Is this good or bad for our lovely community sitting on Lake Michigan? We are not here to judge that. That is left to you, the reader.Evanston IL downtown

The Fairpoint Development for a 37-story structure is in the works. The building will offer a hotel and 152 apartments. The Northlight Theatre will also be a part of the property. We might see the 395-foot building between 1706 and 1726 Sherman.

Evanston is in the very early stages of discussing plans for a 215 unit build that is 25-story. If approved, we will see a luxury property located at 1621 Chicago. The owner, Jeff Michael it could be condos for sale or even rental units.

The Trammell Crow company wants to construct a 17-story building at 1727 Oak. The aim is to offer adults or over age 55. This is not assisted living but rather a restricted living facility.  Does Evanston want or need this type of property?

The proposal for 601 Davis was shot down by the City of Evanston at this point. Plans called for a 318-unit that soars 33-stories. Bets are on that the size will be cut back and then might be approved.

A building to be called the Albion Residential was just downsized. This often happens when developers face Evanston officials. The structure is to go up at 1450 Sherman Ave. There are plans to vote on approval in the city council meeting of November 13.

The updated drawings show a 15-story building that houses rental apartments the rendering of the Albion have 273 units. We will follow up and talk about what happens after the vote next week.

Evanston IL Grows Rapidly

Also in the works is 1714 Chicago. Alderman approved a sale of property that is owned by Evanston for an 11-story office building.

831 Emerson has been scaled down to a nine-story residential development.  This property was going to be only for Northwestern university students and was shot down. The new plans are going to be given the green light and available to anyone with the funds to live there.

Also in the works is 1815 Ridge at 10-story. This is a senior housing development and was approved. The ok came on July 25 of 2017 but there has been no groundbreaking yet.

The last one today is the Centrum Evanston. The property is being built as we write this. At 12-story and 101 units this is target at transit-oriented folks. The “Metra” and “EL” is nearby.