Evanston IL First Night

Evanston’s First Night is a celebration that takes place on New Year’s Eve. The 2017 event promises to be a total blast. There is so much to do and wonderful events to watch or participate in.

Evanston IL First Night

(Rich Foreman Photography)

First Night was started as an option for people who want to have fun but are not necessarily interested in bars and drinking. This is a family oriented event with many choices that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

Evanston IL First Night started on New Year’s Eve of 1993 and was attended by about 3,000 folks and there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. Past acts have included audience favorites like Corky Siegel, Howard Levy, Bobby Broom and Yves Francois.

Second City will be back this year, as will Underage Sugar Addicts, a teen improv group. You will find something for everyone. This is one of the events that the City of Evanston is truly proud of.

The events take place at different venues all around the town of Evanston. You can hop to whatever interest you. This takes place between 7PM and Midnight on New Year’s Eve in Evanston IL. Tickets will run you 20 bucks for adults or $25 the evening of the event.

The price is 10 bucks for teens 9 and older. If you children are under 8 than it is free. If you want to pay $100 for a premium ticket you are guaranteed front row seating at any of the performances.

Evanston IL First Night

People can purchase tickets online at FirstNightEvanston.Org or at the event. The tickets are also available at Evanston Whole Foods stores, libraries, Evanston City Clerk’s Office, First Bank & Trust of Evanston and the office of Downtown Evanston.

This will be a night to remember and fun for your whole family and friends. Check out the Evanston IL First Night website to learn more about the schedule. See you at Evanston IL First Night.