Ravinia Festival 2018

Tickets for the Ravinia Festival 2018 concert tickets are now on sale. Attending this wonderful event is a big part of many peoples Summer schedules. It has been a part of mine for many years. The first time I attended was in 1970 when my father took me to see Benny Goodman.Ravinia Festival 2018

Ravinia in Highland Park Illinois is considered the oldest music festival in America. The events take place from June to September. The first year of the event took place in 1905. This is a unique event because of the layout. You get a 36-acre park where people can bring their own food and drink and have a party.

The music is piped through huge speakers, so people can enjoy the events while sitting on the lawn with their friends. People take the Metra train to the site and bring coolers and tons of food. There is nothing like it anywhere and the lawn is perfect for friends meeting up.

If you are a serious music lover there is the Ravinia Festival Pavilion. You get a 3,400-seat covered theatre with about the best sound anywhere I can think of. Some people will hang with friends on the lawn for hours eating and drinking until the music starts and then enter the pavilion to really hear the music.

Ravinia Festival 2018

In 2017  Stevie Nicks totally blow us away. The sound was perfect, and her show exceeded my expectations. If you ever get the chance you must check out the Ravinia Festival.

If you want to find out who is playing this season click the Ravinia Festival 2018 link. You will find rock, pop, jazz, classical and every other genre of music available. Some people are so into this event they by groups of tickets or even season tickets. You can lose on a warm Summer night.