Harley Clarke Mansion Could be Demolished Says Evanston

There are a growing number of Evanston IL residents who want to give up on the Harley Clarke Mansion. The city council may let residents pay to tear down this local landmark. The goal is to restore the lakefront dunes to their natural state.

A growing group of Evanston Residents feel that the mansion is in need of too much repair to make it work the effort. It has been considered that to get the view of the natural dunes back is a better way to go. There is still a large group who oppose this idea.Harley Clarke Mansion Could be Demolished Says Evanston

The city of Evanston says: group of Evanston residents has offered to pay for the demolition of the Harley Clarke mansion, aldermen were told Tuesday. During public comment, two speakers informed the City Council they have secured enough cash to pay for the removal of the local landmark and the restoration of the lakefront site, saving the city money and putting an end to years of debate over the future of the structure.

Following their remarks, an alderman directed city staff to prepare a resolution ahead of the next council meeting to move forward with the plan. Nicole Kustok and Jeff Coney spoke in favor of a plan introduced last fall by the Evanston Lighthouse Dunes group. The 1927 French eclectic-style mansion would be torn down, while its Jens Jensen-designed gardens would be preserved.

Harley Clarke Mansion Could be Demolished Says Evanston

The Harley Clarke Mansion is the former home of the Evanston Art Center. They moved out a couple of years ago and the mansion has since been vacant. Since that time no agreeable replacement has been accepted by residents. At one time a bed and breakfast was proposed and rejected.

What are your feelings about tearing down the mansion? Many people are torn, and no decision has been agreed to yet. Attend the Evanston City council meetings and speak your mind and help Evanston.

The Evanston IL Harley Clarke Mansion