Thinking of Downsizing? | Everything You Need to Know

Guest post by Michael Longsdon

Thinking of Downsizing Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, the best place to live is where the heart takes us. That may be nearer to family, to our friends, or to the location spot of our dreams. However, it’s necessary to think about all aspects of a potential retirement area. What are you looking for specifically? Walkability? Great hiking trails? A great senior community? You need to also consider how much this area costs, beyond just the price of your potential home. Research the state you choose as well. Some have better benefits for seniors than others, such as good Medicaid or Medicare doctors, financial incentives and more. You always want to live somewhere you enjoy that also provides activities you might wish to be involved in. It’s important to stay within your budget, of course, and not buy something as or more expensive than the home you wish to sell.

Planning Your Move

 One of the best things to do to prepare for a move is to make a list. How will you be moving? Will you hire a truck, or a whole crew? What will your budget be? Get estimates before you hire a company, and make sure you shop around. They should come to your home and give an estimation based on what you will be moving, and they should provide proof of liability insurance. The months May through September are the busiest moving times of the year, so avoid them if possible. Whatever month you decide upon, try to move in the middle, as most relocate at the beginning or end. Also, if you’re moving long distance, be sure to research what the weather will be like. Trying to move a household in the rain or snow is difficult at best, and dangerous at worst.

Moving Day Tips

 Start early in the morning, as this is the coolest part of the day and allows you the most time to get things done. Keep your movers as informed as possible, as open communication will only make things run more smoothly. Have an overnight kit ready with a pair of clothes, toiletries, even sheets and money for takeout or ingredients for dinner. This way, you won’t have to sort through hundreds of boxes before going to bed. If you have a dog, it’s best to keep them away from the chaos if possible. Seeing movers about may cause them stress, and constant open doors provide escape opportunities. Instead, board them for the day to keep them safe, happy and stress-free.

With the right planning, you may be able to find the home of your dreams for your retirement. When you do, make sure that you’re moving at the right time of year, and use reputable companies. Most importantly, ensure that Spot is well-looked after on moving day so that everything goes smoothly.


Thinking of Downsizing? | Everything You Need to Know

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